I think it's wrong to assess the impact of XBB by comparing national wastewater levels to national XBB percentage, when the distribution of measurements of each is so far from uniform. Better to focus on wastewater patterns from a few locations where XBB is high to make that assessment. Indiana wastewater isn't telling us anything about XBB so far. It's weird how local presentation of the same biobot data can look so different. It surprises me to see that Biobot doesn't have any data from NY. According to Biobot XBB isn't as high as I would have expected in Massachusetts, although they've had some pretty high wastewater levels relative to recent waves https://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm . So I'm not sure where to look for a true assessment of XBB. It seems like a small data error made it seem like XBB was taking off more than it actually is, and people panicked because of that?

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