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I think a huge issue with Lake County is that it's three counties in one: the historically industrialized lakefront municipalities, the middle band of bedroom communities, and the southern band that remains heavily rural. When my family moved from Lansing to Munster in 1971, St. John might as well have been Terre Haute in the minds of many residents. It was definitely part of the rural band then but will obviously exceed Munster's population within the next 12-24 months. I am fairly certain that more of my classmates from Munster HS who remain Regionites now have Tri-Town or Crown Point addresses than Munster. But as I noted in my previous question, it's as if almost no one we have met since moving to St. John in 1989 works in the Tri-Town, other than health care or legal professionals. Retail and commercial sector jobs don't pay salaries that allow people to buy homes down here.

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